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Founded in 1988 ATI designed and manufactured the highest quality live sound mixing consoles and audio processing equipment for pro audio use. Paragon P40's and second-generation Paragon II's dominated the live-touring scene for many years, until the eventual development of reliable and road-capable digital consoles became accepted for use and replacement.

Spin-off products like the Pro6 and the 8MX2 were developed from technology in the Paragon console and became favorites for specific uses in their own right.

ATI has now changed its name to API (Automated Processes, Inc.) , a company that we aquired in 1999. The business of API and the reputation of its products have eclipsed the successes of ATI severalfold over the years. Parts of the technology and expertise that we refined at ATI continue to be incorporated in API products as we move ahead in applying what we have learned thus far, to the excellence of the API brand.

To all of you who have ever used a Pargon or rack-mount piece of ATI gear, we thank you. You helped drive us, encourage us, and lift our collective spirit to make the audio world a better-sounding place.

If you have never had the pleasure of mixing on a Paragon - we are truly sorry. A clean, powerful, dynamic audio presentation in a live venue is an emotional experience that is second to none.

Please visit the API website HERE.

API . 8301 Patuxent Range Road . Jessup . MD . 20794 . USA

301-776-7879 . Fax: 301-776-8117